*before the actual post, I do want to say that im going to be off social media for a couple of months (I havent finalized a date yet) just like last semester to focus and push myself academically as well as to narrow down my photography style (even more so than last semester). But asContinue reading “Lightroom!”

Fall Semester

So. For those of you who have been keeping up with my fall semester photography project, titled: “A Conversation”, you all know that I have photographed quite a few humans. Before this project, I had never shot a portrait. So, to practice, I made a plan: to meet people at Clark who would be comfortableContinue reading “Fall Semester”

10.14.2017: Frozen in Time

1/2 of the two athletics events I captured yesterday! So, I photographed the swim teams Alumni meet to get into practice of photographing high speed events, and to keep up my goal to photograph more athetics this semester. Honestly, this batch of photos, even though it was my first time capturing swimming as a photographer,Continue reading “10.14.2017: Frozen in Time”

10.13.2017 – Peapod

Watch me get all nostalgic about this. The Peapod Squad is the first Clark club that I photographed as a freshman last year — first chance to figure out what my camera could do and how I could use it. Honestly, at that point in time, i thought i had outdone myself with my abilities,Continue reading “10.13.2017 – Peapod”

10.11.2017: Flash!

I never thought shooting Quinn would lead to such a great friendship between us. I love her guys, shes just the best. We just sat there, on the grass infront of maywood, and then laying down just looking at the stars [its as amazing as it sounds, trust me]. But i messaged her yesterday, withContinue reading “10.11.2017: Flash!”

10.03.2017: Sunshine

Watch me rant again: got the incredible opportunity to shoot with Fiona today, and these photos man — im so proud of how they turned out. Honestly, she is such a real person — her smiles give me life, and we played around with hammocks, and catching the sunshine, and sunset, a little bit aroundContinue reading “10.03.2017: Sunshine”

10.01.2017: Rooftops

Yet again, we have another installment of my photoshoot adventures, this time with Harris Eidelman 🙂 Honestly, such a fun shoot, we did on top of the parking garage on campus (unexpected location, but hey, you guys are used to that by now). Literally, we talked about everything, from his new lead as Prince EricContinue reading “10.01.2017: Rooftops”

09.23.2017: Floofs and other animals

Portraits of the animals I met during my day in Boston yesterday. All these photos were taken with consent of their respective humans.

09.23.2017: Chasing the Fog

So, yesterday, I went into Boston for the day to do some urban exploring. Little did I know, however, that as soon as night fell, I would take photographs that I would never forget. It was around 6:00, I ran from Government Center to a floating deck near the Aquarium to eat my dinner (subwayContinue reading “09.23.2017: Chasing the Fog”

09-18-2017 – Urban Exploring

My photographical experimentation today centered around the fact that I didnt know the surrouding areas to Clark University. So I did some exploring, and here are my results: Ive also been making a concentrated effort to make my photographs more moody and emotive when looked upon. Still trying to figure out my style as well,Continue reading “09-18-2017 – Urban Exploring”