365 Project: 78 – 82

Cover Photo: Stephen DiRado

Its been a crazy time since last post.

#78, Sept. 13 : Taako the Golden Boy
#79, Sept 14: Green Hill Park ft. Dani, Alyssa, Pawan
#80, Sept 15: Mid Conversation ft. Gil, Julia, Kenny, Will (off frame)
#81, Sept 16: Stars outside JSC
#82, Sept 17: Photo Studio ft. Stephen

10.09.2017: Old Friend

God, it feels good to be at home. Honestly, i couldnt have asked for a better day — it rained, my neighborhood was clouded with the mist and humidity — simply perfect weather.

I also got batteries for an old film camera my uncle gave me about 5 or 6 years ago and I finally got it to work, and its so exciting to open up a new world in photography guys [this basically means that Clark watch out — film is comming].

Met an old friend today, after a while. My neighbors cat, Max [at least thats what ive called him for 10 years] and I have always been close, becoming increasingly close over the last year since ive been in college and not been able to see him as often as i would like to. I was photographing in my backyard when I saw him napping on a black and white couch, and I called his name, out of excitement. He ran over, jumped on the cement ledge, and since my hand was on his side of the fence [he is on my neighbors side, and im on my side] and touched my hand with his paw. I dont know, moments like that dont happen often, and i felt so humbled by the experience [ i didnt capture this on camera since it was so organic and wonderful].

But I shot some portraits of him.

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10.08.2017: iDentity

First off, yes that is my sister as the featured image.

Strange. I never thought my photography journey would bring me to the point where i acutally identify myself as a photographer. Honestly, my camera is with me 24/7 and I dont think I would have it any other way.

My photographs inform the way i look at the world, through no praticular filter. Im noticing a clear motif in my style — i love organic. Organic moments that is. Nothing staged — just simple, emotive photography. Also tending to gravitate towards more analog style editing to give it that nostalgic, grainy look that was so classic and beautiful. Black and white is also making a comeback in my style, both in the raw setting and in post editing.

But I shot some photos in a cafe when I was doing HW with the sister for 2 hours that kinda clearly shows where im at.

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“exit here”

09.23.2017: Chasing the Fog

So, yesterday, I went into Boston for the day to do some urban exploring. Little did I know, however, that as soon as night fell, I would take photographs that I would never forget.

It was around 6:00, I ran from Government Center to a floating deck near the Aquarium to eat my dinner (subway — eat fresh!). Literally ran to the other side, to find the entirety of the harbor shrouded in mist and fog — naturally as a person who turns into a complete child when she sees fog and mist, I screamed and walked straight into the unknown.

Sat on the floating deck, looking out into the harbor, which as of then, was completley covered. You couldnt even see 5 feet infront of you without being shrouded in mist. The only things you could see were the hazy lights of the dock and the red/green lights of the boats as they cruised by. Honestly, it was probably one of the most surreal experiences ive ever had, considering I absolutley love the rain.

These are the photos I took during dinner as well as when I walked around the financial district near the aquarium.

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Dinner by the Harbor
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12pm: Sharks
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As the Boats float by
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City Scape