So, one of my friends in college is Santi.  He’s from Ecuador, and i asked him to send me photographs from home as drawing references.

Heres what i did with one of the photographs that he sent me.

prepare yourselves, this is a work in progress.

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Its been a while since ive posted, hasnt it? Its been a crazy two weeks since thanksgiving break. I made up my mind to quit the newspaper im a part of, The Scarlet, made a film that got a shit ton of activity and comments (thank you to everyone who made it such a success), and finals. God, finals.

So, today, I made up my mind not to work on campus, so I came to Acoustic Java (a cafe on main street) for the first time. I finally finished my philosophy paper, after working on it for a couple hours, and was really proud of myself. I sat there, sipping hot cocoa, and writing about existentialism on an almost perfect Thursday morning. I watched the world around me change and move while I just sat, in my own world, streaming music on Spotify, and just reflecting.

I also did a quick sketch of a honeybee in my art journal, and saw one of my friends, Diego here as well.

I am still here, but have to go back on campus for a meeting, and I probably will be back 🙂

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nothing i would rather bee sketching right now