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09-20-2017: Perfect

Guys, today has been an absolutley amazing day filled with a giant mental rollercoaster from mediocre to simply absolutley phenomenal.

Took some photographs from my vantage point in Goddard Library in the afternoon, and edited them to make them look real filmy, and honestly, just now I caught one of the most stunning sunsets on top of the parking garage. I saw it from goddard asked a friend to watch my stuff and sprinted to catch an absolutley surreal moment.

I couldnt even believe myself (and am currently destroying my keyboard as I am typing this post), and was screaming internally out of joy the entire time the sun looked like an impressionist painting, with the clouds being like broad brush strokes, making the world glow in reds and blues.

I dont know, it just feels good to be alive.

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Sleepy Animals

While some may see it as a room filled with creepy animals in jars, or skulls and skeletons resting on the wooden shelves,  sitting in the Specimens Lab for 3 hours while doing homework and studying really let me clear my mind.

I was alone. Alone to mull over my thoughts, and think.

Honestly, it was the calmest I’ve been all week.

Here are my favorite shots from the Specimen Room:

Chelonia mydas, Green Sea Turtle
American Alligator
Processed with VSCO with tech preset
RED Gator
Water Currents
Anemone Tank from Above
Baby Turtles
Jars and More Jars