10.02.2017: Zebra

Guys, I got super lucky with the people who have been my photography subjects for this project. I meant to post this yesterday, but yesterday was rough. Jenna Libera is a senior here at Clark, and we had such an interesting conversation about what it means to live in Worcester as well as her plansContinue reading “10.02.2017: Zebra”

10.01.2017: Rooftops

Yet again, we have another installment of my photoshoot adventures, this time with Harris Eidelman 🙂 Honestly, such a fun shoot, we did on top of the parking garage on campus (unexpected location, but hey, you guys are used to that by now). Literally, we talked about everything, from his new lead as Prince EricContinue reading “10.01.2017: Rooftops”

09.28.2017: Sunshine

Honestly, I can confidently say Quinn Mitchell (@quinnmitchell1 on insta) makes for one of the best friends ive had in a super long time. She is an incredible human being who has one of the best ranges of facial expressions that I have ever caught on camera. I wanted to show who I think QuinnContinue reading “09.28.2017: Sunshine”