So yesterday I ate my first bowl of noodles with chopsticks. And it was interesting. But also shoutout to my best friend Camille for adventuring with me the entire day and chilling in the Isabella Stewart Gardener talking about study abroad and just life in general ❤ Have loads of fun in France ima missContinue reading “Chopsticks”

10.18.2017: Birds

So this 1 of the 2 people who I shot today!! Today, I shot Sadie Levy in Sackler, messing with the natural angles of the building as well as having fun with climbing on the window grooves and doing crazy things in the hallways — all fun tho so dont worry. Sadie is one ofContinue reading “10.18.2017: Birds”

10.16.2017: Cold Fingers

Another Monday, another photoshoot. So, for todays installment of my renamed “real conversations with real people”, I shot Bru in an abandoned factory, about 10ish minutes near campus. For me, it was definetley one of those shoots where I just let her explore the location, because it was her first time there since comming toContinue reading “10.16.2017: Cold Fingers”

10.15.2017: Boombox

So, yesterday, I had a photoshoot with probably one of my best friends at Clark, Zoe. Honestly, shes one of the best people ever with the most unapolagetic personality, laugh, and smile ❤ We experimented with murals, neon lights, and just laying on the grass and talking about making a comic book on us 2Continue reading “10.15.2017: Boombox”

10.12.2017: A White Wall

Todays installment of my photography project!! I shot with Alice today, probably one of the most expressive, real, humans at Clark. We moved around campus, shooting around maywood, and against a white wall of Oliver’s Corner Store [shameless plug? i guess so], talking about everything from Bruno Mars to taking breaks from social media. Guys,Continue reading “10.12.2017: A White Wall”

10.11.2017: Flash!

I never thought shooting Quinn would lead to such a great friendship between us. I love her guys, shes just the best. We just sat there, on the grass infront of maywood, and then laying down just looking at the stars [its as amazing as it sounds, trust me]. But i messaged her yesterday, withContinue reading “10.11.2017: Flash!”

10.03.2017: Sunshine

Watch me rant again: got the incredible opportunity to shoot with Fiona today, and these photos man — im so proud of how they turned out. Honestly, she is such a real person — her smiles give me life, and we played around with hammocks, and catching the sunshine, and sunset, a little bit aroundContinue reading “10.03.2017: Sunshine”