10.18.2017: Stars

So, me and Santi have been doing photography experiments together, and today was the third one. We shot at night in an abandoned space about 10 minutes from campus. Literally hes one of the best people ever and I love him so much as a friend and as a human being. So, we shot mostlyContinue reading “10.18.2017: Stars”

10.11.2017: Flash!

I never thought shooting Quinn would lead to such a great friendship between us. I love her guys, shes just the best. We just sat there, on the grass infront of maywood, and then laying down just looking at the stars [its as amazing as it sounds, trust me]. But i messaged her yesterday, withContinue reading “10.11.2017: Flash!”

09.28.2018: Starry Night

Tonight, the stars came out to greet me. And I finally figured out how to say hi. My first ever photographs of the night sky, taken by just messing around with my camera settings. Dont worry, I plan on getting better.

09.23.2017: Chasing the Fog

So, yesterday, I went into Boston for the day to do some urban exploring. Little did I know, however, that as soon as night fell, I would take photographs that I would never forget. It was around 6:00, I ran from Government Center to a floating deck near the Aquarium to eat my dinner (subwayContinue reading “09.23.2017: Chasing the Fog”

09-20-2017: Night

I dont know guys — today has kinda been a mental rollercoaster. I took an uncharacteristic 2 hour nap and kinda woke up feeling something was missing — couldnt quite place my finger on it — maybe I was in someone elses headspace for the day, and was translating that in my own way. WentContinue reading “09-20-2017: Night”