The adventures with lightroom continues!

So today, I made a concentrated effort to develop a preset that emulates the look of black and white film, and for the most part, I think I achieved the look I wanted. Creating this preset reminded me how much I love everything about black and white photography.

For me, it really forces you to reconstruct the color behind the scene, for black and white photography as well as editing leaves the color behind (obviously) and focuses on the stark details and richness of the moment. It allows you to dive deep into the details of the scene, rather than being preoccupied with the color of the scene, creating a stronger connection with the photograph itself.

I applied this preset to a collection of aquarium photographs that I shot over last year to show the versatility, beauty, and strength of black and white in everyday circumstances.

Behind the Glass
Into another world
An ancient soul


*before the actual post, I do want to say that im going to be off social media for a couple of months (I havent finalized a date yet) just like last semester to focus and push myself academically as well as to narrow down my photography style (even more so than last semester).

But as usual, this blog will be in full effect, so feel free to tune in 😉


Ok humans.

Its 2018!

Finally got on the adobe train and subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite on new years eve. And I have to say, this is a move that I think is going to enhance my photography, and is an extremely valuable learning experience for me as an artist and creative person.

So, as usual, I shot a couple of photographs of my family as well as my friends who came over for New Years and edited these photographs on lightroom using the VSCO film presets that I purchased.

Here we go.