Abstract Expressionism

I think it is safe to say that today has been one of the best photography days I have ever had. Yesterday night, I shot a couple reflection shots of my Siamese fighting fish (i’m purposely trying to avoid using “betta” because it devalues the cultural heritage of a fish originally from Thailand), Mitra, andContinue reading “Abstract Expressionism”


2 months of summer are already almost over, and I’m still struggling with the fact of graduation next year and this whole feeling of mental “weightless-ness” that I’ve been feeling since coming back from Texas. These ghost photos were taken in the forest across the street from my house. Although unremarkable (I mean, come on,Continue reading “Detatchment”

09.30.2017: Cloudy with a chance of redemption

Ugh. I meant to go home this weekend to chill with the fam, but guess who has a giant 2 day midterm monday and wednesday? Had to study, and as the first grade of the entire semester, this is kinda important, if you know what I mean. But, I did have some time to sporadicallyContinue reading “09.30.2017: Cloudy with a chance of redemption”

09.28.2018: Starry Night

Tonight, the stars came out to greet me. And I finally figured out how to say hi. My first ever photographs of the night sky, taken by just messing around with my camera settings. Dont worry, I plan on getting better.

09.25.2017: The Fence

More portrait photography, this time featuring Bao Kim (@baozergram on insta), a sophomore and good friend of mine. Ive been working on a self organized project titled Oscuro, where I do mini photoshoots of people combined with natural shadows that occur during Golden Hour (equates to roughly 2pm to 5pm, when the suns rays areContinue reading “09.25.2017: The Fence”