So, I am still a kid, and forgot to upload my finished spread (the right page next to my axolotl drawing)

Page _45:Totoro

Page 13

So, its been a crazy week. Donald Trump became the president elect of America. The air was charged with animosity and hate towards those who supported him as well as those who supported third party candidates. It was toxic and poisonous.

I took Tuesday a little differently than most people, going outside and dancing and singing in the streets while walking to CC Lowells, an art store about 20 minutes from Clark’s campus. I refused to let the gloom get to me. I went live on FB later that day, around 10ish spitting out my thoughts about the aftermath to a suprising audience of 30 of my friends.

Page 13 was my way of coping with the results of the election. Its a bit of a combination of national geographic pages and a white ink pen that I bought at CC Lowells yesterday.

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