10.18.2017: Birds

So this 1 of the 2 people who I shot today!! Today, I shot Sadie Levy in Sackler, messing with the natural angles of the building as well as having fun with climbing on the window grooves and doing crazy things in the hallways — all fun tho so dont worry. Sadie is one ofContinue reading “10.18.2017: Birds”

09.28.2017: Sunshine

Honestly, I can confidently say Quinn Mitchell (@quinnmitchell1 on insta) makes for one of the best friends ive had in a super long time. She is an incredible human being who has one of the best ranges of facial expressions that I have ever caught on camera. I wanted to show who I think QuinnContinue reading “09.28.2017: Sunshine”

09.24.2017: Photoshoot

This year, Ive been making a point to photograph more people around campus. I started asking people whether they would be willing to model for me, while I shoot them in various locations around campus. However, there are some people who message me on their own accord to organize impromptu photoshoots, knowing that I haveContinue reading “09.24.2017: Photoshoot”

09-18-2017 – Urban Exploring

My photographical experimentation today centered around the fact that I didnt know the surrouding areas to Clark University. So I did some exploring, and here are my results: Ive also been making a concentrated effort to make my photographs more moody and emotive when looked upon. Still trying to figure out my style as well,Continue reading “09-18-2017 – Urban Exploring”

Saturday, September 16 : Hadwen

So, you could say that Im a bit all over the place when it comes to photography. I tend to photograph almost anything, from people to landscapes to street. And you are not wrong. However, I do consider myself to be is a documentary as well as portrait photographer, considering photography for me is aContinue reading “Saturday, September 16 : Hadwen”

Sunday, September 17

Whoo, been a long time since I posted last — its been nuts — back in college, and officially doing studio art (concentrated in photography) as a minor. Its been rough, with everything speeding through so quickly it seems like a blur. But definetly going to get into a habit of posting more often, andContinue reading “Sunday, September 17”


So, i finally got outside of campus with a couple of really good friends and went for a hike in the Worcester Arboretum. Honestly, it felt so good to just regain some much needed perspective, and just zoom out a bit. Naturally, i brought my camera, so here are my favorite shots


Man, its been a while since ive posted on here. I’m sorry. Its been a crazy few weeks for photography: I got the incredible opportunity to photograph one of the biggest events at Clark: GALA. Its basically a dance performance put on by ISA, the international student association, and it had 31 different teams representingContinue reading “Cafe”