365 Project: Photographs 63 – 77

Omg, its been a while since ive posted on this blog! Mainly because wordpress suspended connection with my personal page, but i connected it to my photography page, so YAY TECHNOLOGY!!!

But anyway, here are the next 15 photographs from this project, ranging from candids to more constructed photographs!

08-29-2018 : Jess and Shiela
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08-30-2018: New Glasses ft. Emma
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08-31-2018: Visitor
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09-01-2018: Stop and Shop Parking Lot
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09-02-2018: Matriculation
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09-03-2018: Golden Hour in Sackler
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09-04-2018: Discussion Done
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09-05-2018: Scrabble
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09-06-2018: Noon
09-07-2018: Mitch
09-08-2018: Finn
09-09-2018: Mushrooms
09-10-2018: Arnold the Ghost
09-11-2018: Sackler
09-12-2018: Artist



10.10.2017: Adventures in Film

So. I finally got batteries for a 1991 Minolta Maxxum 3000i that my uncle gave me when I was (i think) 10 or 11 years old. I took this film camera to the Harvard Natural History Museum yesterday, considering its one of my favorite places in the world, where time just seems to stand still.

Shooting in film is such a worthwile mental excersize, considering you really have to feel passionate about something to shoot it. For me, thats portraits of the taxidermied animals in the various galleries throughout the museum. However, considering I only had 36 exposures, I really had to make sure what I was shooting was exactly what I wanted, and cause film is ducking expensive. Developing these color negatives as a first time film photographer is gonna be a huge challenge, but hey, I think a challenge is what I need after beginning with a digital camera.

But, I finished my roll of 36 exposures this morning at 12am, and I plan to develop [with help of course] these negatives and produce prints [hopefully] so I can show y’all.

Also loaded film (the bag that came with my camera came with an extra lens, and 3 rolls of color fujifilm superia x-tra 400 rolls, so bless up) for the first time into my camera, and i feel like my own personal hero.

*my film camera is now at clark with me, so watch out 😉