So, over Christmas, I got my grandpa’s old ipad and decided it was a good idea to start experimenting with digital art.


yelling through glass walls is difficult
self portrait

More Pages!

So, for a lot of you who are friends with me on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, know that I have laid off social media since January 1st till mid march as an experiment to improve on my academics as well as overall productivity.

But, I will still be drawing sporadically, don’t you worry.

Here are some of the pages that I have done so far in 2017.


A couple more pages of my journal

So, i know its been a while since I have posted last! The holidays are such an exciting time, and ive finally found some more time to journal and experiment with pages related to art and photography, which is super super awesome.

So, here are some of the pages ive done since last time 🙂

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page 52: Museum_Series:Harvard Part 1
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Pages 54 – 55: Museum_Series:Harvard Part 2 
pages 56 – 57 : Self Portrait 


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Page 62: My Dragon


Its been a while since ive posted, hasnt it? Its been a crazy two weeks since thanksgiving break. I made up my mind to quit the newspaper im a part of, The Scarlet, made a film that got a shit ton of activity and comments (thank you to everyone who made it such a success), and finals. God, finals.

So, today, I made up my mind not to work on campus, so I came to Acoustic Java (a cafe on main street) for the first time. I finally finished my philosophy paper, after working on it for a couple hours, and was really proud of myself. I sat there, sipping hot cocoa, and writing about existentialism on an almost perfect Thursday morning. I watched the world around me change and move while I just sat, in my own world, streaming music on Spotify, and just reflecting.

I also did a quick sketch of a honeybee in my art journal, and saw one of my friends, Diego here as well.

I am still here, but have to go back on campus for a meeting, and I probably will be back 🙂

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nothing i would rather bee sketching right now