During Strange Times

I’m finding that the outside world just doesn’t interest me lately. The structures that enticed me a just a couple months ago don’t seem to have that much meaning anymore. Everything looks familiar — I’m not finding new angles or ways to photograph the same things over and over. Maybe I’m just tired. That’s probablyContinue reading “During Strange Times”

Abstract Expressionism

I think it is safe to say that today has been one of the best photography days I have ever had. Yesterday night, I shot a couple reflection shots of my Siamese fighting fish (i’m purposely trying to avoid using “betta” because it devalues the cultural heritage of a fish originally from Thailand), Mitra, andContinue reading “Abstract Expressionism”

Photography Reflection

Photography noun the art or practice of taking and processing photographs. __________________________________________________________________________________ Im a photographer. I try to capture emotions in my pictures, whether it be through my DSLR I got on my birthday last year, or through my iphone se. Its a passion i picked up by accident, cause I liked to document myContinue reading “Photography Reflection”


Yesterday, I was having a conversation with a photographer who came to print downstairs in the photolab about her work. She was printing 3 different portraits on a silk screen: one where the subject was out of focus, one where the subject was in focus, and the last one where both the subject and theContinue reading “Epiphany”

Figure Study

Lately, I have taken to sketching marble sculptures on my ipad. It’s a conscious effort I am making to challenge myself creatively by translating these 3D sculptures into a 2D form. Its an exercise in shading the human body in a way that makes it seem 3 dimensional, and i’ve been having a blast withContinue reading “Figure Study”

More Pages!

So, for a lot of you who are friends with me on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, know that I have laid off social media since January 1st till mid march as an experiment to improve on my academics as well as overall productivity. But, I will still be drawing sporadically, don’t you worry. Here areContinue reading “More Pages!”

A couple more pages of my journal

So, i know its been a while since I have posted last! The holidays are such an exciting time, and ive finally found some more time to journal and experiment with pages related to art and photography, which is super super awesome. So, here are some of the pages ive done since last time 🙂Continue reading “A couple more pages of my journal”