Abstract Expressionism

I think it is safe to say that today has been one of the best photography days I have ever had. Yesterday night, I shot a couple reflection shots of my Siamese fighting fish (i’m purposely trying to avoid using “betta” because it devalues the cultural heritage of a fish originally from Thailand), Mitra, andContinue reading “Abstract Expressionism”

A bit of a long reflection post.

Bit of Background So. I adopted a new betta fish yesterday, 6 days after my first fish, Mr. Pickles and his companion snail, Sir Cornelius passed away one day apart. It was a tragic death that happened a week after Clark closed down due to the coronavirus. As far as I am concerned, the stressContinue reading “A bit of a long reflection post.”


Ah, the aquarium. So, today, me and Juliette went to the New England Aquarium, and I’m confident in saying that it was one of the best adventures I’ve had in such a long time. I set a mental challenge to photograph the aquarium entirely in black and white, and I am quite happy that IContinue reading “Memories”

09.30.2017: Cloudy with a chance of redemption

Ugh. I meant to go home this weekend to chill with the fam, but guess who has a giant 2 day midterm monday and wednesday? Had to study, and as the first grade of the entire semester, this is kinda important, if you know what I mean. But, I did have some time to sporadicallyContinue reading “09.30.2017: Cloudy with a chance of redemption”

09.23.2017: Floofs and other animals

Portraits of the animals I met during my day in Boston yesterday. All these photos were taken with consent of their respective humans.

A couple more pages of my journal

So, i know its been a while since I have posted last! The holidays are such an exciting time, and ive finally found some more time to journal and experiment with pages related to art and photography, which is super super awesome. So, here are some of the pages ive done since last time 🙂Continue reading “A couple more pages of my journal”