2 months of summer are already almost over, and I’m still struggling with the fact of graduation next year and this whole feeling of mental “weightless-ness” that I’ve been feeling since coming back from Texas.

These ghost photos were taken in the forest across the street from my house. Although unremarkable (I mean, come on, its just a sheet standing in the light), these photos are symbolic for me. I’ve been feeling a sense of detachment, and the whole concept of the ghost is a physical representation of that feeling.

The choice of the forest to make these photos was also intentional, for forests are often symbolic of the unknown, and often the strangest creatures come from there. Its also a place of great spiritual awakening and wonder, and the choice to place the ghost in the center of the path for me was an obvious one.

Anyway, that was a bit of a rant, but I thought it was important.

Published by Jay Sundar Rajan

I'm an artist first, student next.

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