10.16.2017: Cold Fingers

Another Monday, another photoshoot. So, for todays installment of my renamed “real conversations with real people”, I shot Bru in an abandoned factory, about 10ish minutes near campus. For me, it was definetley one of those shoots where I just let her explore the location, because it was her first time there since comming toContinue reading “10.16.2017: Cold Fingers”

10.15.2017: Boombox

So, yesterday, I had a photoshoot with probably one of my best friends at Clark, Zoe. Honestly, shes one of the best people ever with the most unapolagetic personality, laugh, and smile ❤ We experimented with murals, neon lights, and just laying on the grass and talking about making a comic book on us 2Continue reading “10.15.2017: Boombox”