09.30.2017: Cloudy with a chance of redemption

Ugh. I meant to go home this weekend to chill with the fam, but guess who has a giant 2 day midterm monday and wednesday? Had to study, and as the first grade of the entire semester, this is kinda important, if you know what I mean. But, I did have some time to sporadicallyContinue reading “09.30.2017: Cloudy with a chance of redemption”

09.28.2018: Starry Night

Tonight, the stars came out to greet me. And I finally figured out how to say hi. My first ever photographs of the night sky, taken by just messing around with my camera settings. Dont worry, I plan on getting better.

09.28.2017: Sunshine

Honestly, I can confidently say Quinn Mitchell (@quinnmitchell1 on insta) makes for one of the best friends ive had in a super long time. She is an incredible human being who has one of the best ranges of facial expressions that I have ever caught on camera. I wanted to show who I think QuinnContinue reading “09.28.2017: Sunshine”

09.25.2017: The Fence

More portrait photography, this time featuring Bao Kim (@baozergram on insta), a sophomore and good friend of mine. Ive been working on a self organized project titled Oscuro, where I do mini photoshoots of people combined with natural shadows that occur during Golden Hour (equates to roughly 2pm to 5pm, when the suns rays areContinue reading “09.25.2017: The Fence”

09.24.2017: Photoshoot

This year, Ive been making a point to photograph more people around campus. I started asking people whether they would be willing to model for me, while I shoot them in various locations around campus. However, there are some people who message me on their own accord to organize impromptu photoshoots, knowing that I haveContinue reading “09.24.2017: Photoshoot”

09.23.2017: Floofs and other animals

Portraits of the animals I met during my day in Boston yesterday. All these photos were taken with consent of their respective humans.

09.23.2017: Chasing the Fog

So, yesterday, I went into Boston for the day to do some urban exploring. Little did I know, however, that as soon as night fell, I would take photographs that I would never forget. It was around 6:00, I ran from Government Center to a floating deck near the Aquarium to eat my dinner (subwayContinue reading “09.23.2017: Chasing the Fog”

09-20-2017: Perfect

Guys, today has been an absolutley amazing day filled with a giant mental rollercoaster from mediocre to simply absolutley phenomenal. Took some photographs from my vantage point in Goddard Library in the afternoon, and edited them to make them look real filmy, and honestly, just now I caught one of the most stunning sunsets onContinue reading “09-20-2017: Perfect”

09-20-2017: Night

I dont know guys — today has kinda been a mental rollercoaster. I took an uncharacteristic 2 hour nap and kinda woke up feeling something was missing — couldnt quite place my finger on it — maybe I was in someone elses headspace for the day, and was translating that in my own way. WentContinue reading “09-20-2017: Night”

09-18-2017 – Urban Exploring

My photographical experimentation today centered around the fact that I didnt know the surrouding areas to Clark University. So I did some exploring, and here are my results: Ive also been making a concentrated effort to make my photographs more moody and emotive when looked upon. Still trying to figure out my style as well,Continue reading “09-18-2017 – Urban Exploring”

Saturday, September 16 : Hadwen

So, you could say that Im a bit all over the place when it comes to photography. I tend to photograph almost anything, from people to landscapes to street. And you are not wrong. However, I do consider myself to be is a documentary as well as portrait photographer, considering photography for me is aContinue reading “Saturday, September 16 : Hadwen”