Good Old Days

I miss the good old days.

When the sun was shining bright upon my back. The feeling of my wings being melted off by the rays and realizing I was to survive on my own. The thrill of being alone with no one watching. I did what I want when I wanted.

I miss the fresh ocean breeze blowing the sea onto my face, encrusting it with its salty kiss. Drawings on the beach, while Helios pulls the sun back under the horizon and Selene rushing her chariot to bring about the night once more. Gazing on the beach with the stars glittering their million eyes upon my work. Proud, I lay down, with thunder in my ears and peace in my heart. As the sand wraps its arms around me, I fall asleep, ushering an era of calming and beautiful dreams.

I miss the times when the Gods held place in our lives, and you could see them living their lives around you.

Zeus the Casanova, sly talking his way into the heart of every girl on campus, charming them with his eyes and impressive physique, while hooking up with the emotionally scared. Hera finding out and blasting her boyfriend with fire and ice, sunken with contempt and hatred that she didn’t get every ounce of his love. She was too controlling after all. Everyone knew it. Hermes as the college busybody everyone knew, the busybody combating with a major mental depression and 3 jobs while trying to keep with his sunny and carefree attitude. Athena as the lone bookworm in the library that no one dared to mess with due to her sharp tongue. She sat alone, digging into the occasional drawing which such precision that even the most experienced in their craft wouldn’t approach her. They knew who she was and wouldn’t anger her. Dionysus, the party animal, roaming around with his at parties, drowning drink after drink while still maintaining an impressive composure in the face of wreckage. Living the bachelors life, he drives his friends home, not wanting them to get into trouble. After all, he got them into this mess.

They are all around us.

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