Lined Paper vs. Tracing Paper

So, when I first started to do art, I started on tracing paper. Then after getting comfortable with tracing on tracing paper, I taught myself how to trace on lined paper. Then I moved up and started tracing on plain white printer paper. Now, I trace on sketchbook paper, construction paper, bristol board, watercolor paper, etc.
Tracing Paper, the Cerynian Hind…The first draft….I then transferred this onto watercolor paper

Thestral…One of my favorite mythical creatures in HP….I always related to them because they were different and I was different….We both were isolated from society because we look and act differently than the others…..

The first peice of art I ever made….The 2 years ago was in reference to 2010. I made this in 2008, which you can consider the beginning of my interest with art


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